Road Racing Coaching

"Joe developed a training plan for me, 49 yr old masters athlete that travels each week for work, that helped me become competitive in criteriums" - Alan E.

Road Racing Coaching

With over 30 years for racing experience there is not much I have not seen. I have help athletes come up thought the ranks to race elite, helped direct teams overseas, help uncover new talent for USAC, and even so honored to have riders on the nationals podiums.

The road season can be long. A ride needs to take time with their coach and map out a smart approach to the season. This includes analyzing the rider's strengths, calendar of races, goals setting, and also look at family and work life too. There are so many variables that come into play to make a great season. All need to be looked at and feedback needs to be understood and changed if need be.

Road Racing Coaching Plans may include:

  • Annual Training Plan creation and execution. A, B, C Races
  • Multiple goal setting sessions for pre-season, build, racing season.
  • Skills sessions. Pack riding, cornering, T.T., Caravan skills.
  • Training Peaks calendar for logistics
  • Fitness testing based on goals.
  • Power and skills plans to fill gaps with stretch goals.
  • Specific seasonal progression to achieve maximum results for A races.
  • Races include: Time Trials, Road, Criteriums, Gravel endurance and Track.
  • Coached riding sessions.

About Coach Joe

Over the last 30 years I have been traveling, racing and coaching all over the world. As a full time coach and retired elite athlete, I put my skills and education to work for my athletes. Read more...