Cyclocross Coaching

"After years of self coaching and not seeing the gains I wanted, I turned to Joe. It payed off big and his training and racing plan helped me win my first National Championship!" - Nick G.


Are you new to Cyclocross or are you looking for a strategic plan to your Cyclocross season? I can help.

Cyclocross in the US is growing and now we need to have a solid approach to either specializing in Cyclocross for your year or how you transition from road to cross without burnout.

Cyclocross specific plans may include:

  • Custom consultations to help design your Cyclocross training plan and find your strengths.
  • Training calls to build a goal centered race calendar with race debriefs. A,B,C races.
  • Training Peaks calendar for logistics.
  • Skills sessions to prepare you for race day.
  • Fitness test specifically for Cyclocross athletes. Develop plan to fill power or skills gaps.
  • Help racers develop a race craft that fits their skillset and power strengths.
  • Use cross training; strength and running.
  • Aid you in peaking for district, nationals, or overseas racing.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls to adjust plan as needed.
  • Pit and onsite race help available also.

Coaching rates depend on interaction time with coach.

About Coach Joe

Over the last 30 years I have been traveling, racing and coaching all over the world. As a full time coach and retired elite athlete, I put my skills and education to work for my athletes. Read more...

Training Peaks

Information about Training Peaks

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Over the last 10 years our training for triathletes has gone high tech. We train our athletes with power and heartrate. All plans use Trainingpeaks and Best Bike Split to help you achieve your best results. I also have teams on XERT and Trainer Road.

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